De Spiraal develops and produces technical springs, leaf springs and industrial wire products. With more than 70 years of experience and the present craftsmanship, we gladly think along with our principals from the initial stage. We already take advantage of our technical knowledge when drafts are being made. We are therefore able to supply products to our customers, which meet their specific demands.

We invest in our customers and colleagues. Our products are of high quality since we ensure people to be the central aspect. Besides, we are always searching for the newest production techniques and methods. We direct our processes as efficient and flexible as possible. We are therefore able to minimize delivery times and to handle urgent orders.

We are versatile and can almost always meet the demands of our customers. With our modern, extensive and advanced machinery we have the right equipment for almost any order.

We are, as our sister company Tribelt, also settled at our production location in Haaksbergen. At Tribelt we are specialised within the development and production of a wide range of metal conveyor belts. Due to the combination of metal conveyor belts and industrial wire products, De Spiraal and Tribelt have access to all the necessary elements to guarantee both, a fluent production and delivery process.