Strategic Stock/Custom Springs and Wire Products for the Agro Technology Industry

agro technology

Agrotechnology is often seasonal. To effectively adapt to this, we maintain a strategic stock of products for many of our customers. This consists of a wide range of springs and related components that are essential for various agricultural machines and equipment. Through this approach, we provide our customers with the necessary parts in a timely manner, minimizing downtime and delays during the season. This requires excellent logistical facilities, which we have developed and optimized over the years.

In addition to the many possibilities and custom-made products (see all our options here), there are also industry-specific products available. Below you will find an overview of our specialties and their application in this industry.


The most common spring, also in the agricultural sector, is the compression spring. This spring is essential for absorbing shocks and maintaining the stability of machines. Compression springs are often used in the suspension systems of agricultural vehicles and various mechanical components that require constant pressure or force. Based on your application and requirements, we can design the right product or deliver it directly from stock. Due to their versatility and reliability, compression springs contribute to the efficiency and durability of agricultural equipment. Click here for more information on compression springs.


Wire forms are also indispensable in the agricultural sector. These components are used to hold cables, tubes, and other parts in place, ensuring an organized and safe operation of the machines. Wire forms not only provide support but also help prevent wear and damage to other machine components, extending the lifespan of the equipment. Click here for more information on wire forms.


A key part of our range is torsion springs. These springs are frequently used in agricultural machinery for functions such as opening and closing valves or regulating moving parts. They provide resistance to rotational forces and ensure controlled movement, which is crucial in machines operating under heavy conditions. We supply torsion springs from stock or custom-made, depending on your specific needs. Click here for more information on torsion springs.


Gas springs are also part of our strategic stock. These springs are ideal for smoothly opening and closing heavy panels and lids on agricultural machines. They provide controlled movement and reduce the physical effort needed to operate heavy parts, contributing to the user-friendliness and safety of the machines. We supply gas springs from stock or custom-made, so you always have the right solution for your specific application.

We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our expertise and experience in the agricultural sector enable us to offer custom-made solutions that perfectly meet your specific requirements. Contact our sales team to discuss how we can support you in finding the perfect solution.