Springs, wire products, bending parts and metalware are not always a loose component, they instead are often a part of an assembly or module.

We from De Spiraal have the knowledge, experience, and possibilities to make these assemblies or modules for our customers. It is also possible for customers to deliver other parts. Besides, we can even buy parts in order to ease the logistic process of our customers.


Assemblies or modules are very customer specific. These are, for our customers, often significant parts of their installations/machines. Therefore, we cannot get really specific on the applications of several assemblies. Some examples of markets and or industries for which we are producing assemblies are:

• Automotive
• Mechanical engineering (pharmaceutical, bakery technology)
• Agro technology
• Pest control
• Trains
• Bicycle industry
• Shop fittings


In case of an assembly or module, we cannot speak of one type of material, since multiple parts of possibly different types of materials are being combined. However, a surface treatment on the assembly often takes place. Examples of these are electrolytic polishing or (powder) coating.


When making assemblies there are several connection techniques to be chosen. There are permanent connections which are often realized due to welding, soldering or brazing. In other cases, however, non-permanent connections are chosen, and therefore we can speak of an assembly. The most common non-permanent connection is the the bolt-nut connection. De Spiraal possesses all the necessary equipment in order to make these connections at her disposal. From point to TIG-welding and simple bolt-nut connections to ‘’high-positioning’ and ‘’torque tensioning’’. For the last mentioned it is even possible to be provided with a report of tensioning.