The compression spring is perhaps the most well-known construction of a spring. It concerns a, to a, spiral coiled wound spring, as we all know from a ball pen. In this case we speak of a cylindrical compression spring. However, it also possible to create other shapes such as conical and ‘’barrel-shaped’’.

Compression springs are mainly made from round wire. It is however also possible to manufacture compression springs from ‘’squared or flat’ wire.

The compression springs are manufactured on special automated CNC spring coilers – and wire bending machines


Compression springs are used in a very wide range of applications. We already mentioned the example of the ball pen above, a number of other examples of specific applications are:

• Valves in the glove compartment
• Small perforators
• Battery-contacts
• Push buttons urinals/toilet systems
• Anti-knick/protection spring
• Springboard in gyms
• Self-closing safety valves in piping systems
• Machines in the broadest sense


Despite the fact that a compression spring is almost always manufactured from qualitative spring steel, it is still possible to choose from a very wide range of materials. The most common materials remain 1.1200 (high carbon spring steel) and 1.4310 (Stainless Steel-spring steel). For other opportunities concerning materials, we refer you to the special page; Material choice.


De Spiraal produces compression springs in conformity with NEN-EN-15800:2009. We have the opportunity to process several wire diameters, ranging from 0,20 mm up and until 65 mm. Likewise, the dimensions such as body diameter, the number of coils and the length of the spring, are nearly always free of choice. The compression springs are, after the proper heat treatment, grinded and thereafter they possibly undergo a requested surface treatment.