Spring-factory De Spiraal is ‘equipped’ in a way to manufacture several types and sizes of metalware. A good example are the bar links for the benefit of conveyor belts for our sister company Tribelt BV.

The metalwares are made from strip steel and sheet material.

We are capable of producing single pieces as well as medium to larger series due to the distinguishing production methodologies (see flat springs) we have access to.

We engineer and produce our own tools, this causes us to be able to respond very well to the desires of our customers in case of urgent need.


There are many places to mention where metal ware is used. Pieces of metalware are nearly always parts of a larger compound. Several common and well-known applications are parts of casters, parts of attic stairs (Vlizo-stairs), parts of hinges and locks, parts for shop interior, parts for conveyor belts, ‘shim rings’, clips to attach floor heating tubes, etc. Metalwares are also frequently used in engineering, inter alia, for fortification, to attach components to one another, to position parts, etc.


Metalware are generally manufactured from Stainless Steel (1.4301) and from non-processed steel (whether or not galvanized). It is of course also possible to make metalware and stamped items from materials of spring steel quality, we then refer to flat springs. There is actually no restriction concerning the choice of types of material, unless it is a metal and it should be present in belt/sheet material. For more information, take a look at our page; Material choice.


The metal ware and blank parts are, in principle, just as the flat springs possible in any dimension and thickness. In order to get rid of the possible sharp edges and or burrs of the parts, they are often tumbled.

Also, other after treatments such as shot blasting and shot polishing, are possible, please take a look at the page ‘Finishing’. Metalware are often parts which are processed in assemblies. Since we often manufacture more parts for one compound we can of course assemble / fabricate the compound on our own.