A wire form or a wire spring is often a 3 dimensional (3D) shaped wire shape, which can be applied in a variety of many applications.


The difference between a wire form and a wire spring is that a wire form does not have a resilient function. The wire form is thus, in contrast to the wire spring, in a lot of cases not manufactured from spring steel.

We produce wire forms and springs in single pieces, medium series and even in large series of several hundred thousand pieces.


The wire parts are often used as a bracket, suspension bracket, connection element or as a supportive element. The applicability is almost infinite since these products have a very free shape. Our wire forms find their way in, inter alia, milk robots, bicycles, household stairs, ironing boards, wheelchairs, trolleys (e.g. airports and auctions), shop fittings, slaughter lines, etc.


The wire parts are manufactured in many types of material. From ordinary, St.37(1.0304/1.0038) and St.52 (1.0579), the diverse stainless-steel qualities (1.4301/SS-304 and 1.4401/SS-316) but also in spring steel quality, pre-galvanized wires, brass, aluminium, phosphor bronze, Inconel qualities, etc. For other opportunities concerning materials, we refer you to the special page; Material choice.


Wire forms and wire springs are produced from coil but sometimes also from rod. Round wire as well as squared wire or even profiled wire belongs to the possibilities. The wire diameters of a wire product can hereby vary from 0,20 mm to a maximum of 45 mm. Very complex shapes of wire are no problem because of the current 3D design packages and our modern machinery, under which a 24-axis wire process machine. After the formation, the wire parts can be provided of the necessary bore holes, screw-threat, flattening and a required surface treatment such as powder coating, galvanizing or chroming. It is also possible for us to process the wire product into one assembled product.