Spring factory De Spiraal has an extensive production device at their disposal. This can be divided specifically into five groups; CNC directed spring coilers- and wire bending machines, stamping department, heat treatments, finishing and our comprehensive manual labour department.

Spring coilers- and wire bending machines

Your products will be manufactured where possible by automated CNC machines. A huge advantage of these machines is that when a product has been produced one time, the CNC program is saved in order to get it back when there is an order of repetition, whereby the customer receives the same product. The only variable still existing is the variation in the characteristics of the basic material. Our experienced machine-operator knows how to get your products within the required tolerations by means of a minimal adjustment to the CNC program.

Stamping Department

We always think, when talking about products being ordered in large quantities, about the possibility to produce them by means of a shaped cutting tool on one of our stamping lines. Cost technically, these products can be manufactured much more effective on such lines, than in different ways. We have opened up several stamping lines which we can use next to one another. This means that we can produce more products at the same time. We are, due to our own tool shop, also capable of producing the stamps quite fast. We can therefore overhaul the stamps quickly after usage. Through this we are able to prevent long durations of delivery, also when the products have been ordered quite short after each other or ‘called-off’.

Heat Treatment

Material is being deformed cold by winding the springs or by making bends in wire and sheets. As a result, the characteristics of the basic materials change. Products are being exposed to heat treatments in order to regain these original characteristics. Every material type has its own prescribed heat treatment process. Therefore, various ovens are located since it is then possible to treat several batches of several temperatures together. It is as well possible to undergo an automated treatment process, some materials require different temperatures during the treatment process.


It is very hard, when not impossible, to cut wire in such a way that it’s completely free off wire edges and cutting edges. The production group ‘finishing’ takes care of the process in which these wire and cutting edges are being removed. We do this by means of so-called ‘deburring drums’. It is also possible to grind products afterwards. We use fully automated special special spring grinding machines when we do this for pressure springs requiring ‘flat ends’. A big advantage of this manner is the fact that the returning springs are always provided of the same height.

Manual Labour Department

Although we have many modern CNC directed machines in use, we still often need manual after work. Examples are, putting eyes on pull springs, wire tapping and combining several parts into one assembly. The creation of assemblies can be realized by means of different connection techniques such as bolt-nut connections. Welding is however, also a possibility. The comprehensive manual labour department has access to a laser cutter and several bending-/folding machines, manufacturing small to medium series of flat springs and metal wire. Hydraulic presses, excenter presses, semi-automatic bending machines and hand bobbins complete, in addition to the wide range of hand tools, the manual labour department.