Besides the actual production, we are able to provide a wide range of additional services. The most common services are set out below. In case you have any questions, or if you would like to know whether other kinds of services are delivered as well, please contact our team in order to discuss the possibilities.

Surface Treatments

The products we manufacture are for a large part made of non processed steel or non processed spring steel. When these products are not being provided of a protective layer, corrosion (such as the formation of rust), will gradually start to appear. It could, from the aesthetic perspective as well, sometimes be desirable to provide products of a surface layer. Thereby we can think of several techniques such as greasing or a coverage of oil, chrome, (ktl-)lacquering, (powder) coating, electrolysis polish, or a form of zinc (thermal, electrolysis, yellow, blue).

Testing & Inspections

Next to the usual inspections by the machine-operator and the colleagues of the expedition, it is also possible, as described in our quality manual, to inspect the products in more detail. You can thereby think of comprehensive inspections on measurements. We have for example the possibility to measure products accurately up and until 1 micro meter. With our test machines is it also possible to check the spring consistency of a spring. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out really specific tests, checks and/or inspections, thereby you could think of endurance tests, checks on tensile strength and research on crack formation.


The traceability of components is an increasing demand. This is no problem for De Spiraal. By means of our own laser engraving machine, products can be featured with a clear and permanent unique code. It is also possible to engrave a logo or a small piece of text in your products. Laser engraving is both possible when talking about non processed products as well as products which have had a surface treatment (for example varnished or coated). Thereby, it should be taken into account that the surface layer, at the engraving, obviously becomes smaller when such a product is being engraved.


It is, because of the increasing demands in the field of quality and traceability, for our customers sometimes desirable to receive documentation along with the products. Thereby you can think of a material certificate from the wire of which the product is made. It is also possible – and even desirable- to make documents, such as measure and test reports, of the tests and inspections. It is for the newer products also possible to carry out, in a systematic matter, a ‘’First Article Inspection’’ which will be documented in a ‘’First Article Inspection Report’’. This could be a report in accordance with our own template. However, it happens more often that the customer delivers her own format in which this report will be carried out.


Recognition of your supplies is essential. It is in today’s logistic world necessary to encode products in the right way. Our deliveries are standard provided with a label consisting data like our and your order number. It is however, also possible to adjust the date on this label. Besides, it is possible for this label to become better suited for the logistic needs of our customer. It is even possible to get your article number as a barcode on these labels.


There are a lot of opportunities concerning the packaging of products. The simplest way is to package the products as bulk in (pallet)boxes. It is even, on the other hand, possible to package springs ‘’clean-room’’. Our customers determine how they want their products to be delivered, and we make sure it happens that way.


The term fulfilment is comprehensive. We consider it as the ultimate way to unburden our business relations. With this we mean that we take away some proceedings and risks of our customers. We are for example willing to keep certain products for you in stock. We can even go that far that we take the distribution out of your hands and that we send your products directly and eventually neutral packaged to your end customer.